Friday, April 29, 2011

Walking Along Corniche Abu Dhabi

I had a one week vacation but pretty much spent in walking around the city and going to Malls. But there is just this one day, that I have spent the whole morning walking along Corniche under extreme sunlight taking shots from my D10 Canon underwater cam. I was able to take few photos which I find interesting and posted it under my multiply account -

Here are some of the shots I have taken.

Bench at the Park
  I just love the way this pigeon looked towards as if he knew I was taking a photo of him.

Star Pigeon
The Light

The Leaves

At the end of my long walk, I rested my tired feet and sat on a bench along the beach side area in Corniche. Collected my thoughts and wrote down my feelings.

At The Edge

I'm staring across the ocean,
Wondering what I want my life to be,
Trying to see clearly my future,
Which seems to be bleak and scary.

I am uncertain of my direction in life now,
I cannot understand the path I need to take,
All I know is that I'm on this bench clearing my thoughts,
Staring across the calm ocean,
Asking nature to help me find my way.

Josh 04/2011

At The Edge

Sometimes, words will come to me unexpectedly and it is something I have developed in my stay in the UAE. Glad to have explored the Corniche Area.

-- Josh

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Words of Wisdom from Fr. Jerry Orbos

Just some words of wisdom that I heard from Fr. Jerry Orbos during the TV mass last January 09.  He said, "never take anyone or anything too serviously."

He mentioned 4 things to remember and live by --

1)  Money can be earned.

2)  Stupid quarrels can be resolved.

3)  Life of a loved one is irreplaceable.

4)  Lost of your soul is your greatest failure.

I thank God for these words to help me through my stay here in UAE.