Monday, February 6, 2012

I Love Pasta!

Mi Amore La Pasta!

If there is one food in this world that I can eat for eternity, that would be any kind of pasta dish, in particular, spaghetti which I love ever since I was kid. Even if it was not cooked Italian style, as long as it is pasta in red sauce, I binge on it. I could care less if the red sauce was cooked in atchuete (a cooking seed ingredient used to give more color to food) which gives the pasta dish a more reddish look.

In my two years here in the UAE, I have cooked pasta dishes in red or white sauce more often than any other dish. However, this time I have tried something different with my pasta recipe. I just sauteed it in garlic, onions, red bell pepper, turkey bacon, and broccoli. Then flavored it with spices I have in the kitchen - basil, rosemary, oregano and chili flakes.  And it was good enough for my palate (it would have been nice to have white wine, a great combination I guess, probably next time). 

After cooking, I realized that cooking, like any other forms of art, is a skill that you need to practice, to enhance your creativity and be able to master your sense of taste. Like Photography, it is also a trial and error process to create the perfect picture or dish you desire at your heart's content.
Now I have two things that I need to focus on enhancing, my photography and my cooking skills.

- Josh