Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An Evening With the Achievers (Toastmasters Abu Dhabi)

Yet again, another invitation to join Toastmasters Club.

I was invited once more to attend and be a guest at the Toastmasters Club, but here in Abu Dhabi.

The first time I attended Toastmasters was during the time I was with Air2100 in the Philippines. It was sponsored by the company but I was not interested to join the meetings for the simple reason that I was so afraid then to speak in English, especially in front of an audience.

I get stage fright everytime I speak to large number of strangers who have deep knowledge and confidence in speaking English, even if there are just 8 people in the room. I feel like my blood will rush and shoot up to my brain then literally have my nose bleed. It is the reason I have made excuses every meeting not to attend the Toastmasters Club in Air21.

Then came the invitation with Toastmasters Club Aboitiz 2Go. My best friend's company had sponsored this club for the staff and my friend was also a member. They have opened the invitation to others who are not 2Go employees but are interested to join. I was working then with Santa Fe Relocations. Since I have gained some confidence in speaking the language due to the nature of my work, I joined the club. I was able to attend around 6 meetings and prepared 2 speech projects, but was never able to complete the course because of my hectic schedule. But another reason, I was paralyzed and felt incapable to prepare a speech. It was difficult for me to organize my thoughts, it seems scattered at that time and it was so impossible for me to prepare a coherent speech, so I dropped it.

Now, I am being invited again to join the Achiever's Toastmasters Club here in Abu Dhabi. It was really interesting since there are other members of the club who are foreign nationals. But  I am a bit undecided whether to push through with becoming a member. I am hesitant if I will be able to commit myself to the schedules and responsibilities.

I cannot help but wonder, though, if I am meant to be in this club as this opportunity has been offered to me for the third time. I never tried looking for the Toastmasters Club and yet it has found me again. Probably a certain destiny awaits for me here and it is something I might need to acknowledge this time. I maybe destined to be called Madame Toastmasters, why not?.

Earlier, one of the speakers, Cisco Lay, delivered his Advance Speech Project entitled "I speak therefore I am."  I was impressed on the coherency of his speech and the way he delivered it with confirndence. I would like to be like him, being able to convey my thoughts with clarity and conviction. Being confident to speak in front of an audience with the proficiency of the English language.

I know Toastmasters can help improve my writing and communication skills. It is just up to me now to decide and make it happen. As they say, success comes from those who dare to take risks.


**photo courtesy from the Achievers Toastmasters Abu Dhabi website.  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Weekend of Bliss

Two days of weekend is a total bliss. I watched my favorite movies and series. Updated my blogsite and added gadget. Hope you can check it out if you are into blogging.

I'm really getting into photography and trying to harness my creative side. Feel free to comment on my blogs and my photos - http://sophiesfotografi.multiply.com/.  Still a newbie in the blogging world and would appreciate your comments for any improvements needed.

Have a great week ahead!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Photography Seminar with Bobbi Lane

It was an exciting evening for me. I attended the free Photography seminar by Bobbie Lane at the Abu Dhabi Theatre in Breakwater area, and it was a great experience.

Bobbi Lane
I have always wanted to learn photography but it seems very expensive to learn this craft when I was in the Philippines. A decent DSLR camera alone usually costs more than Php 20,000.00. In addition, photography session fees would cost more than Php 5,000.00. And for an employee who earns around Php 15,000.00 to 18,000.00 salary with family obligations, this hobby is a luxury I cannot afford.

But here in Abu Dhabi, I might be able to buy my own DSLR and have basic trainings I can attend to. Probably in a few months time, but certainly something that can be achieved.

What is interesting about Abu Dhabi or the whole UAE is their love for their culture. They are proud of their heritage and they would like to show them off, meaning they would like other nationalities to experience the diversity and culture of the Emirati people.

They understand the value of Arts in cultivating one's culture. Hence, they encourage not just their local people but even other nationalities who are residents in their country to be part of their culture, to cultivate our artistic and creative minds, through paintings, crafts, photography, music, theatre or any forms that would enhance one's creative prowess.

It is one of the reasons I fell in love with this country. She is my second home. She has welcomed me in her bossom and made me a part of her family. Truly grateful for the experience.

UAE Flag

There may be rough and difficult moments here in Abu Dhabi but when it comes to harnessing my creative side, this city gives me that opportunity through their culture and arts programme which I find very beneficial.  

After the seminar, I also took photos while walking towards Marina Mall. As Bobbi Lane said, take lots and lots of photos.

On a side note, I have been experiencing lately such worry and despair with my present work. So I decided to attend this seminar to get my mind off it and explore my creative side. I arrived at the place around  06:00 pm.  While waiting for the seminar to start at 07:30 pm, I sat on a bench outside the theatre and took some snapshots from my Canon Powershot D10 of things that I find interesting.

City of Abu Dhabi

Street Lamp

Street Lamp

Then I stopped,  closed my eyes, let my mind settle into space, feel the soft wind breeze touching my skin, let the universe fall into perspective and raised all my concerns to God. I felt peace in a way.

It was a great evening, I got exhausted from walking but it was a meaningful experience.

by Josh 11/2010

This place brings me solace,
The gentle wind breeze is taking away my worries,
I have peace in my soul for now.

I feel contented just by being here,
Just breathing, still breathing,
The sound of the rustling leaves calmed my mind,
It settled my thoughts.
I feel grateful for the blessings,
Thankful for everything I have received in life.

Challenges has its purpose.
It may not be known for now,
But it will reveal its meaning in time.
I must have patience,
To endure the waiting,
While trying to understand my life's voyage.

I maybe alone now but I have fullness in my soul.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Quote from H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan

Such inspiring words from a great leader. I hope the leaders from my home country, Philippines would embed such words in their hearts ....

"The real wealth of the country...is not found in material wealth. It is made up of men, of children and of future generations. It is this which constitutes the real treasure."

(H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Think I'm Inlove with My Work Too Much

It's almost 3:00 AM and I'm still awake. My mind is still on active mode and though my body is extremely exhausted, I can't seem to get myself to lie in bed and rest my weary mind.

I left the office very late trying to finish up all my pendings and to do's. I just realized that it has been almost 2 months since my last blog and I have not been able to share my thoughts lately.

I have spent most of my time at work and my boss would always tease me to get a life.

Life? Well, most of my life here are spent in the office so I guess I had developed a certain relationship with my work. When I was in the Philippines, I have the same scenario and I usually spend more time with my job than with my partner and parents.

Funny though, it just seems like I'm terribly in love with my job.  You know the feeling when you are in love, you can't sleep, you always want to be with the person you love and you can't live without them.

I just realized now that I can't sleep because I'm thinking about my work, I'm always in the office almost 24 hours a day/7 days a week and I can't seem to stop working even though my body is telling me to stop.

Either I'm in love with job or I'm just plain addicted with work. Truthfully, I love what I'm doing. I like the challenge, the pressure and stress. Trying to figure out whether I can make it or not. Learning from the mistakes, having those palpitating and panick attacks then trying to calm my nerves down. I do get tired though and wish for a peaceful sleep.

Well, my mind is a bit disoriented while writing this blog but I just want to share my thoughts. Anyway, my bed is certainly gaining advantage of tempting my body to sleep on it now. Guess, better rest as I look forward to having another day with my new partner - WORK.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Food Trip in Dubai

Last June 11, has been the yummiest day ever in UAE. It took a while for me to post the experience I had on this day 'cause having a hard time uploading the photos. But at last, I was able to finish this blog.

We visited our friend's place in Barsha that Friday and had the most delicious lunch.... roasted chicken, sauteed tahong and favorite seafood pesto. I was so full that I needed to unzip my pants to let my tummy breathe.

Sauteed Tahong

Roasted Chicken

Spaghetti Seafood Pesto

After the yummy lunch, we went our way and explored the malls of Dubai. First stop, Mall of Emirates. We just walked around and window shopped. Checking out the sale on certain stores.


Inside Mall of Emirates

Then we decided to go to Dubai Mall to watch the Fountain show. So we got on the train and went on our way to Dubai Mall station.  Dubai Metro's one day ticket would cost around AED 14.00 but you can buy a one way ticket depending on your destination. But if you would be staying in Dubai for a longer period of time, then you should buy the NOL card, it is just like the Octopus card of Hong Kong. You just need to reload it when needed and you can use when riding the bus within Dubai as well.


MOE Train Station

When we got off the Dubai Mall Train station, we just decided to just walk along the streets of Dubai going to the mall while taking photos of the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa

One thing that is very interesting in the city of Dubai are the buildings' architecture. Each building is different from the other, which is really impressive and most were done by Filipino architects.

Buildings near Dubai Mall

Anyway, it was quite a long walk from the Train Station to Dubai Mall. So we had to stop by Starbucks to quench our thirsty throats and relax our tired feet a bit.

Then on our way to the Fountain Show, we pass by Dubai Aquarium and were amazed by the the relaxing sight. We did not went into the tunnel and just viewed the aquarium from the outside area.  But for your info, the entrance fee to Dubai Aquarium is around AED  25.00,    in case you are interested to know more about the Dubai Aquarium, please see this link - http://www.thedubaiaquarium.com/tickets_information.html.

Still it would have been much better to see these beautiful marine creatures in their natural habitat, but probably we all need to have them in our cities for us to marvel on God's creations.

After the sight seeing outside Dubai Aquarium, we went to see the awesome Fountain Show. Just love watching it everytime, the sounds, the lights and the dancing water fountain.

After the breathtaking Fountain show, we got really tired and hungry so we had our dinner at T.G.I.F. I have always wanted to have taste buds experience the mouthwatering steak at TGIF but I did had the means before. So I suggested to have our dinner at this restaurant and my wish came true.

After the sumptuous meal, we just walked around Dubai Mall, had our last top at the loo then went on our way home.

I had fun that day... not just because of the food but importantly spending the day with friends who are always there to brighten my day.

Thank you to all my friends who always make my life here in UAE easier to bear.


Friday, July 23, 2010

After Life

I watched the movie After Life and it just made me think about my life, about death, the choices I made and have not made.

What if there is really nothing after life? What if the life we have now is both heaven and hell, depending on the choices we make, depending on how we live our lives. That we need to make this life we have now worthwhile because there is nothing after we have passed this world.

What if today is the last day in this world? How did you live, how have you lived those years of life?

What if you only just have that few moments to think about your life before you are completely gone in this world? Will you have so many regrets, for words not said, for things not done? Or will you be able to peacefully close your eyes knowing that you have lived the life you wanted, to live it with happiness, to have explored everything Life has offered you?

I had my struggles and still have them. I cannot never live without it, it will always be a part of my life. It sometimes gets exhausting to live life with complications. It wears out my soul and breaks my spirit at most times. But it also builds my character and makes me a stronger person.

Few years back, I got tired of living the same situation. In the movie, Anna is already dead when she was expressing all her regrets in life. Like the character of Anna who had full of regrets, I was at a point in my breathing life I was living a regretful chapter for wrong decisions made, for choices I was so afraid to explore. I had the same sentiments as Anna, waking up, going to work, doing my work, going home then falling into sleep. Then having the same routine again the following day. It was not a miserable life, but there is just something that I needed to do and I was so afraid to explore it then.

When the opportunity presented itself, I took it. I left my country to work overseas. I still have the same situation with work, but now it is much different. I was learning more about myself here. I miss my country and my family but I am glad I left. This is something that I really wanted to do and so now I am here.

I made a ten year plan of my life. I started it when I turned 30 which was 2 years ago. I was able to accomplish 2 of my goals and 2 are still under process. But now after a few months of living in this country, my perspective has changed. So now I am reassessing my goals and plans for the next 8 years of my life.

But in case today will be the last day of my simple life (which I pray, God will still let me live to see my grandchildren), I would be glad to say that I can close my eyes peacefully even with the thought that there would be nothing beyond this life.

It was not a perfect life, but I did experience some perfect moments. I had made peace with my God (though I belong to a religious group, I still believe that the path of spirituality is a journey experienced by the person at his/her own pace and time), I have experienced life and made bolder choices. I have accepted my painful past, I have forgiven myself for mistakes I have committed and the hurt done to friends I love (but if I have a Hot Tub Time Machine, I would go back and alter it). I have loved and was loved in return, I have made my parents happy, I have met new people in my life and rekindled old friendships, I have learned to focus on improving myself more rather than try to improve others. It was not extravagant but I have lived a good and interesting life.
If given another day, then I will again try to challenge myself, improve on my weaknesses and create better relationships with the people around me. We only pass by this world once, so I guess it is much better to make it worthwhile.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Thoughts on this Week

Another challenging work week here in Abu Dhabi. But I thank God for the time and strenght to be able to accomplish things that needs to be done, it might be just small accomplishments but I did put effort and energy into it.

I'm usually passionate with my work or any activity that would bring out the best in me. Sometimes, I get easily be disheartened. Rechecking my goals, my plans, my strengths and my weaknesses. I greatly fear failure so there are times that I am paralyzed by it. Instead of taking risks, I'd rather not do anything.

But life is full of choices. If I remain complacent and always be fearful of the unknown, I will not be able to reach my goals. I do get affected by other people's opinions, but I am a bit choosy now on who's opinions or criticism's I listen to.

Yes, I do listen to criticisms. Sometimes, I'm affected by it. There are instances I shrug it off, especially those that are totally untrue and nonsense. One would probably say, it's nothing. But in reality, people's comments on you is everything.

In the past few months, I have learned to choose which criticism would help me most and which are just been commented on out of frustration, or arrogance.  I have decided to work on the weaknesses other people sees in me instead of being defensive. I have to admit, I still falter and make a list of complains. But each day, I remind myself to be appreciative of the good things and the bad situations. Every problem has a solution and if it's unresolvable, then better not think of it at all.

It has always been my belief that people would have opinions of you whether you do something right or not. (It's probably in our nature, but hope I'm wrong. I do not have any factual basis on it anyway.) So you cannot always live by their standards. You should live in the standards of your Creator.  

I am not perfect but will always strive for perfection, better yet for excellence. I may just do my job because I'm being paid to do it. But I will try to be committed to doing my work because I want to step up and improve myself to every failure I encounter.

It is just recently that I have stopped comparing myself with others. I am what I am, I am not this person nor that person. So I had peace with myself, striving to be better, to beat my old self. I try to find inspiration from my surroundings, to learn from others and to explore further my abilities - discovered that I'm somehow interested in writing (thank you for the friend who introduced me to blogging - Ivs).

My thoughts are still disorganized but if I continue writing, putting my thoughts into words, I will certainly improve on it (and would definitely strive and hope for).


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Being more Positive

"Today I will start to focus on improving myself rather than waste my time criticizing others."

I have kept reminding myself to work on my attitude. To ignore people who would drain my energies and will not help me reach my fullest potentials. But we are a work in progress.

Earlier, today I took part in a discussion between my boss and a colleague. I would just like to have avoided it but I just can't seem to keep myself away from the issue since I'm partly affected by it.

It was an upsetting discussion and it seemed we did not made any progress at all. We were back to square 1. Same issue, same arguments, same rebuttals. It is like dejavu, a situation keeps repeating itself like a broken record.

I started wandering whether our boss really understands his role in the company. It seems weird because I have been managed by leaders who has extensive experience in the industry and I can't help myself but to compare the present one with the previous bosses.

Then I started to have the litany of complains. I guess I needed to vent my frustrations but it did not help me at all with the work I needed to complete that day. It just drained all my energy and at the end of the day, I was unproductive.

I have great respect for my leaders, some I may not have liked but I do respect their position and their credentials as leaders. I have mentioned leaders because they have the vision for the company or even just the department they are handling, they were able to inspire their staff. The present B, he is manager alright, but not a leader, at least in my opinion.

Good thing, I am able to motivate and help myself improve on my inadequacies. I may not find inspiration through the present B, but I respect him as a person and as a superior. It would seem unfair and questionable why he was placed in such a position but it is beyond me. I understand he is not perfect but I hope he will be humble enough to admit that he needs improvements as well. Probably he will in the future, I just need to be positive. Positive thoughts breeds positive results, right?

From the words of William Nelson, "Once you replace negative words with positive words, you'll start having positive results." So first goal for the month, use positive and kind words to others even when I'm talking about them behind their backs.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Remember Who You Are

We all have our moments of failures and moments of success... Important thing is not to loose the sense of your inner being in this world full of insanity.


Letting Go...

Letting go is very difficult when someone holds a special place in your heart, but sometimes you just need to let them go so they can move on and grow, and to let yourself grow in your own relationships.

It is such a painful process.. but when you truly love someone, you will let them be happy with their lives, so you can be happy with your own life.


Getting really bad

Was into battle gear yesterday. Felt bad, but eventually I was okay. If shots were not fired at me first, I would not have retaliated. I can really be bad if I want to, when someone throws a stone at me, I will certainly throw back a larger stone with spikes.. mwahaha....

Posted in Facebook May 4, 2010


Monday, June 21, 2010

No One Can Make YoU Feel Inferior

Earlier, I cried out of frustration and exhaustion. I was made to feel stupid by one person and what bothered me the most is I let myself be treated in such a manner.
Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." I should need to constantly remind myself of these words.

While I was writing this blog, I was able to read an article related with this quote. In this article, Life Skills Coach, Carol Sheets mentions that other people have no control over you unless you let them and we should not give them the power to do so. We control our reactions to any situation.

And as it is typical to feel or react from the negative emotions the other person has put on you, you should not allow yourself to cherish that feelings enduringly and belie your sense of self worth. We have the power to change our emotions to a more positive aspect.

Carol Sheets mentioned in her article, "although the feelings are normal, it's what you do with them and how you process them that reconnect you to your power."

She specified a three-step process to help you cope and regain your power when you encounter those authoritative, power driven people:

1) take a deep breath

2) feel the feeling

3) then remind yourself that you won't let the person's words affect your self-esteem

From the words of Carol Sheets, "Life is about choices. You can't control how others treat you, but you can definitely choose how you let it affect you!"

With this in mind, I will try to look at things in a different perspective from now on. I will also try the above steps given the situation.

Lately, I keep forgetting that my true worth is not determined by my job but with the positive relationships I build with others and being able to overcome the difficulties in life with integrity. Developing my character is what I would like myself to improve on. Maybe these experiences are helping me to achieve it depending on my reactions.

As P.B. Fitzwater puts it, “Character is the sum and total of a person's choices.”

Just a food for thought.....
“Watch your THOUGHTS, for they become WORDS.
Watch your WORDS, for they become ACTIONS.
Watch your ACTIONS, for they become HABITS.
Watch your HABITS, for they become CHARACTER.
Watch your CHARACTER, for it becomes your DESTINY!"

Author Unknown


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Safari Experience

Last Friday, we went to Desert Safari and enjoyed the roller coaster ride. I have always been a lover of the ocean and mountains, but now I have experienced the beauty and serenity of the desert, it was breathtaking.

I really had a blast on this trip especially with friends around. The adrenaline rush and having the thrill of the unknown and danger, was really exciting.

Who would even think that the desert possess such beauty. I guess every God's creation has its own mark.

To just sit on the sand and feel the serene sound of the wind was a relaxing experience. It made me feel really grateful of my blessings and made me realize that life is so beautiful to be bothered with the stress and chaos of this world.

The desert has calmed my soul and revived my spirit.

I really enjoyed this weekend and to be able to explore a new place was a total satisfaction. It was great to have experienced a Higher Being in such a marvelous scenery of nature.


Saturday, May 29, 2010

To Be or Not To Be

When you are faced with people throwing negative criticisms at you, what will you do:

Listen to their negative comments and Believe that those are true OR Believe in your abilities and Listen to your innerself reminding you of your true worth...


I cannot please everybody.

All I can do is be honest and do my best with my work, believe in my abilities and hope that others will see the potential


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Angel and Devil At Work

Negative criticisms are okay. I can live with it. I really don't mind other people giving suggestions,telling me what I am doing wrong. It would really help one improve on oneself.

What I don't appreciate are the intentions they have in giving their negative opinions. I don't appreciate being used by others in plotting to destroy another person's character.

I don't appreciate people who just don't walk their own talk. They seem not credible when they are giving out their opinions to help. When you look at their own work, it just doesn't seem to match. They talk about organizing, prioritizing while they don't know how to prioritize and organize themselves as well. Others would say that it is just a matter of time management, but you would see them doing only certain tasks hence they have the time of their life and at the end of the day, they still have not completed everything since they spent more time chatting, going on breaks and do other activities not related with their work.

Worse, it is easier for them to comment on another person's performance but when you see their work it just doesn't speak the same language. These people doesn't seem to have the credibility.

One thing I have been reminded recently, there is a difference between helping another person with the sincere intentions from helping out another with their personal intentions in mind. Sound like government politics, right. But it does also exist at work or any place for that matter.

Sometimes you just need to learn how to distinguish an angel with a sincere intention from a devil who disguises like an angel.. and try to avoid the latter.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Something to Think About: Posted in Starting Anew Blog last March 18

Death is something that really interests me. In the book Tuesdays with Morrie, one of Morrie's aphorisms is When you die, you live. You only appreciate life once you learn and accept your own mortality.

There is more to death than physical death. There was a point in my life that I have experienced dying - Emotional and spiritual death. I have always believed that everything that happens in life has a purpose. But what would be the point in living if there is no reason to live for.

You would come to a point in your life that you ask what if there is no such thing as purpose... how will you live your life then. Nothing to look forward to since there is nothing on the other side of the road.

Vast emptiness.. that is what I have felt before. Emptiness. Nothing, there is just nothing to look forward to. I have died during those months, emotionally. I felt no emotions, just numbness. And once you have died emotionally, you just become cold, void of emotions.

I did not actually care if I was hurting other people, 'cause I just did not feel anything. I chose not to process any emotions, I just died then. My first manager told me then that she has not seen me as cold and numb when dealing with the situation I was experiencing then. She was actually worried about me. But I just did not care anymore.

Then I asked myself would I choose to avoid getting hurt but living like a vampire, cold hearted, no emotions. Or choose to be hurt but learn and live life enjoying each kind of emotion, happiness, sadness, joy and sorrow, like Morrie has pointed out in his book.

I guess I chose to live. I spared myself living life void of emotions. Living life full of regrets. I made stupid choices but who doesn't. Life is to be lived by making decisions anyway. But you should live with those choices, right?

So for two months in UAE, I'm wondering why am I here? It has been a struggle for me. Getting really exhausted, dealing with pressure and a high maintenance colleague, having a humbling experience and other things. And this experience made me realize that I need to deal yet with certain emotions... fear and courage. Learning about these feelings a bit deeper now.

I will survive in this country, in this company like those who have struggled and conquered their fears and courageously rose from the pits of failures and disappointments.

I will survive and continue living.....


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cooking 101, anyone?

It was an exciting day for me as I had my first cooking session this morning after so many years. I cannot even remember the last time I cooked. But today, I had decided to have my pots and pans do its magic.

But don't get too excited because I just cooked a very plain dish, tuna with egg sautéed in onion, garlic, and tomatoes. Hey, I need to have refresher course in cooking, right? As they say, start with something that you can do and this is what I thought about.

So I woke up around 7:00 am which is the unusual time I get up in the morning (I usually start my day around 8:00 AM), then prepared my cooking kit, the corn oil, eggs and the other ingredients I bought the night before.

While I was chopping the basic ingredients, I felt a bit nervous since I’m still recalling the basic cooking techniques. But it is something that I have decided that I need to pursue so I lighted the stove and went on. When I put in the garlic and sautéed it in the hot corn oil, the aroma was like to magic to my nose. I felt I was home.

Then while reminiscing on the scent of a home made meal, the delightful aroma of the garlic began to change. I almost got the garlic toasted, so I just put in the rest of the ingredients and seasoned it. As I was preparing the last ingredient of my specialty dish, my first calamity in the kitchen happened. I was getting two eggs from the box, and then the whole box fell on the floor. I was able to save two pieces of eggs, but four of my babies got broken and created a beautiful mess on the floor. I quickly cleaned it up while waiting for my dish to cook.

I really enjoyed one bit of that moment, the excitement, the mess and the slight exhaustion. And the product of course was a delight.

It is actually our lunch and my friend has no choice but to eat it as well. It was not that bad and if I continue cooking, I will certainly get the hang of it. So tomorrow, I have my thoughts on cooking Adobo. Bold choice but as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. And if I want to be an expert with this dish, I guess I better start now.

Josh / 20-Apr-10

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just One of Those Days

End of another stressful but great day. I feel so unaccomplished today probably because I was under scrutinizing eyes earlier. I was so conscious and uneasy because I needed to show that I'm busy where the truth of the matter is I am really busy. But it seems every person who visited us does not acknowledge the reality that we are understaff.

It just seems weird trying to justify your work load to every one who visits the office when I feel terribly exhausted after each day of work. Probably they are right, I may not be working smart. But what is really working smart? Is it delegating your work when you need to? But to whom shall I delegate it to? The empty chair beside me? Probably there is another entity there who is sitting and wanting terribly to assist me, but hey it can’t help me because it just cannot physically touch files.

Then there are the endless questions of the why’s, why didn’t you do this, why do you need to be here then, why, why, why? Then I just asked the same why question, why the hell am I here again? But I know the answer to my own question. I am here because I decided to challenge myself, get out of my comfort zone and explore other possibilities in my life. I don’t want be stuck in a life wondering about if I had done this or that. I have decided to move forward…

So while writing this and reflecting on this day’s event, I just thought that I’ll take the challenge, to push myself more, to do more and achieve more. Very well, if that is the case then so be it. I will not bother justifying my worth to others. I will take that challenge and improve myself, to make myself better. If it is still not the best for them, so be it. At least I was honest to myself that I gave it all.

Josh / 14-Apr-10

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hot Green Tea

Another week in Abu Dhabi and I survived the tremendous work load and pressure in the office by myself. It was quite a challenge doing everything on your own and being left alone in the office. I am blessed to have been given this opportunity to learn new things in UAE.

Let me share with you the experience I had and things I have learned recently (most of these I knew already but I was just reminded by).

First, There are some people or circumstance that will never change no matter what.
Have you experience being or working with a person and you just couldn't stand them. You just hate their guts and wish that they be thrown away in some limbo then remain there for eternity? Well, I keep experiencing working with such high maintenance people. Probably I keep attracting them as I am high maintenance myself, hahaha. If the Law of Attraction is true then indeed I might be attracting these people in my life because these are people I am trying to avoid. And whether I complain and throw the stress ball on the wall imagining their faces on the target, it will not change anything. Such people will remain who they are because they probably choose to. And if this will be the case, what should I do then? Mope, cry, or get myself so frustrated until I loose all my hair! While thinking about it, I just remembered a quote from John Maxwell, "your problem is not your problem, your problem is your attitude, change them and it will solve your problem." He's probably right. I will just need to accept the hard fact that there are people who would remain difficult probably they chose to or because they have not understood themselves deeper enough to help themselves become better individuals. Important thing is to try to control my own emotions and reactions and not to let their negativity get into my system.

Second, Crying relieves stress and cleanses your eyes.
The past week that I have been by myself, I cried like a toddler for three consecutive days. The stress was up to my neck and everything wants to be attended to all at the same time. I was able to do most but not all. Hey, the last time I checked I am still human and I can only do most what the human mind and body can accomplish. So at the end of the day, when my boss had left the office already, I let myself cry and scream a little while typing my costings and emails to my clients. I still need to multi-task you know - while doing the art of crying, I was also doing the art of typing. I heard Chin Chin Gutierrez mentioned in her interview once that crying cleanses the soul. And it did help me cope with the challenging workload and felt relieved. It might have helped in cleansing my contacts as well, hehe. Nevertheless, it was all good experience. Once in a while I just needed to raise my left hand with the white flag while my right hand continues on writing my to do list for the following day.

Third, Pain is something you need to deal with and learn that it will fade away in time.
I had my hot green tea accidentally spilt on my left foot this week. The burning sensation was unbearable at first. It was painful that it bothered me through the night. But I just made sure that I put some ointment on it and let it heal on its own time. Guess, it's just like the emotional pain I have experienced (still experiencing) in my life. It is painful and it bothers you every time you think about it. Well, all of us go through such painful moments at some point in our lives, right? But the important thing is we acknowledge the pain, put some ointment and let time do its wonders of healing.
It was an indeed an exhausting week and I look forward to another week of challenge. At the end of a tiring day, all you can do is relax and try to think of the good things in life. For me, I relax my mind with a cup of my hot mint green tea and a short talk with God, thanking Him for the day that pass and asking him to help me get through another one tomorrow.
Josh / 02-Apr-2010