Monday, November 8, 2010

Photography Seminar with Bobbi Lane

It was an exciting evening for me. I attended the free Photography seminar by Bobbie Lane at the Abu Dhabi Theatre in Breakwater area, and it was a great experience.

Bobbi Lane
I have always wanted to learn photography but it seems very expensive to learn this craft when I was in the Philippines. A decent DSLR camera alone usually costs more than Php 20,000.00. In addition, photography session fees would cost more than Php 5,000.00. And for an employee who earns around Php 15,000.00 to 18,000.00 salary with family obligations, this hobby is a luxury I cannot afford.

But here in Abu Dhabi, I might be able to buy my own DSLR and have basic trainings I can attend to. Probably in a few months time, but certainly something that can be achieved.

What is interesting about Abu Dhabi or the whole UAE is their love for their culture. They are proud of their heritage and they would like to show them off, meaning they would like other nationalities to experience the diversity and culture of the Emirati people.

They understand the value of Arts in cultivating one's culture. Hence, they encourage not just their local people but even other nationalities who are residents in their country to be part of their culture, to cultivate our artistic and creative minds, through paintings, crafts, photography, music, theatre or any forms that would enhance one's creative prowess.

It is one of the reasons I fell in love with this country. She is my second home. She has welcomed me in her bossom and made me a part of her family. Truly grateful for the experience.

UAE Flag

There may be rough and difficult moments here in Abu Dhabi but when it comes to harnessing my creative side, this city gives me that opportunity through their culture and arts programme which I find very beneficial.  

After the seminar, I also took photos while walking towards Marina Mall. As Bobbi Lane said, take lots and lots of photos.

On a side note, I have been experiencing lately such worry and despair with my present work. So I decided to attend this seminar to get my mind off it and explore my creative side. I arrived at the place around  06:00 pm.  While waiting for the seminar to start at 07:30 pm, I sat on a bench outside the theatre and took some snapshots from my Canon Powershot D10 of things that I find interesting.

City of Abu Dhabi

Street Lamp

Street Lamp

Then I stopped,  closed my eyes, let my mind settle into space, feel the soft wind breeze touching my skin, let the universe fall into perspective and raised all my concerns to God. I felt peace in a way.

It was a great evening, I got exhausted from walking but it was a meaningful experience.

by Josh 11/2010

This place brings me solace,
The gentle wind breeze is taking away my worries,
I have peace in my soul for now.

I feel contented just by being here,
Just breathing, still breathing,
The sound of the rustling leaves calmed my mind,
It settled my thoughts.
I feel grateful for the blessings,
Thankful for everything I have received in life.

Challenges has its purpose.
It may not be known for now,
But it will reveal its meaning in time.
I must have patience,
To endure the waiting,
While trying to understand my life's voyage.

I maybe alone now but I have fullness in my soul.


  1. looking forward to take pics with you. :)
    we're blessed to get the chance to attend photography seminars here in UAE.

    We just recently finished Flash photography seminar in one of the church activities in the church.. :) will post the pics soon!

    Hope to see you finally here in UAE. mwah!

  2. Hi sis, yes, certainly looking forward to it also.

    Miss you too... probably we can get together, go out and take some photos... grabe really want to learn this craft kaya will probably enroll by december na din... fingers crossed...