Thursday, May 27, 2010

Angel and Devil At Work

Negative criticisms are okay. I can live with it. I really don't mind other people giving suggestions,telling me what I am doing wrong. It would really help one improve on oneself.

What I don't appreciate are the intentions they have in giving their negative opinions. I don't appreciate being used by others in plotting to destroy another person's character.

I don't appreciate people who just don't walk their own talk. They seem not credible when they are giving out their opinions to help. When you look at their own work, it just doesn't seem to match. They talk about organizing, prioritizing while they don't know how to prioritize and organize themselves as well. Others would say that it is just a matter of time management, but you would see them doing only certain tasks hence they have the time of their life and at the end of the day, they still have not completed everything since they spent more time chatting, going on breaks and do other activities not related with their work.

Worse, it is easier for them to comment on another person's performance but when you see their work it just doesn't speak the same language. These people doesn't seem to have the credibility.

One thing I have been reminded recently, there is a difference between helping another person with the sincere intentions from helping out another with their personal intentions in mind. Sound like government politics, right. But it does also exist at work or any place for that matter.

Sometimes you just need to learn how to distinguish an angel with a sincere intention from a devil who disguises like an angel.. and try to avoid the latter.


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