Sunday, July 11, 2010

Being more Positive

"Today I will start to focus on improving myself rather than waste my time criticizing others."

I have kept reminding myself to work on my attitude. To ignore people who would drain my energies and will not help me reach my fullest potentials. But we are a work in progress.

Earlier, today I took part in a discussion between my boss and a colleague. I would just like to have avoided it but I just can't seem to keep myself away from the issue since I'm partly affected by it.

It was an upsetting discussion and it seemed we did not made any progress at all. We were back to square 1. Same issue, same arguments, same rebuttals. It is like dejavu, a situation keeps repeating itself like a broken record.

I started wandering whether our boss really understands his role in the company. It seems weird because I have been managed by leaders who has extensive experience in the industry and I can't help myself but to compare the present one with the previous bosses.

Then I started to have the litany of complains. I guess I needed to vent my frustrations but it did not help me at all with the work I needed to complete that day. It just drained all my energy and at the end of the day, I was unproductive.

I have great respect for my leaders, some I may not have liked but I do respect their position and their credentials as leaders. I have mentioned leaders because they have the vision for the company or even just the department they are handling, they were able to inspire their staff. The present B, he is manager alright, but not a leader, at least in my opinion.

Good thing, I am able to motivate and help myself improve on my inadequacies. I may not find inspiration through the present B, but I respect him as a person and as a superior. It would seem unfair and questionable why he was placed in such a position but it is beyond me. I understand he is not perfect but I hope he will be humble enough to admit that he needs improvements as well. Probably he will in the future, I just need to be positive. Positive thoughts breeds positive results, right?

From the words of William Nelson, "Once you replace negative words with positive words, you'll start having positive results." So first goal for the month, use positive and kind words to others even when I'm talking about them behind their backs.


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