Saturday, July 24, 2010

Food Trip in Dubai

Last June 11, has been the yummiest day ever in UAE. It took a while for me to post the experience I had on this day 'cause having a hard time uploading the photos. But at last, I was able to finish this blog.

We visited our friend's place in Barsha that Friday and had the most delicious lunch.... roasted chicken, sauteed tahong and favorite seafood pesto. I was so full that I needed to unzip my pants to let my tummy breathe.

Sauteed Tahong

Roasted Chicken

Spaghetti Seafood Pesto

After the yummy lunch, we went our way and explored the malls of Dubai. First stop, Mall of Emirates. We just walked around and window shopped. Checking out the sale on certain stores.


Inside Mall of Emirates

Then we decided to go to Dubai Mall to watch the Fountain show. So we got on the train and went on our way to Dubai Mall station.  Dubai Metro's one day ticket would cost around AED 14.00 but you can buy a one way ticket depending on your destination. But if you would be staying in Dubai for a longer period of time, then you should buy the NOL card, it is just like the Octopus card of Hong Kong. You just need to reload it when needed and you can use when riding the bus within Dubai as well.


MOE Train Station

When we got off the Dubai Mall Train station, we just decided to just walk along the streets of Dubai going to the mall while taking photos of the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa.

Burj Khalifa

One thing that is very interesting in the city of Dubai are the buildings' architecture. Each building is different from the other, which is really impressive and most were done by Filipino architects.

Buildings near Dubai Mall

Anyway, it was quite a long walk from the Train Station to Dubai Mall. So we had to stop by Starbucks to quench our thirsty throats and relax our tired feet a bit.

Then on our way to the Fountain Show, we pass by Dubai Aquarium and were amazed by the the relaxing sight. We did not went into the tunnel and just viewed the aquarium from the outside area.  But for your info, the entrance fee to Dubai Aquarium is around AED  25.00,    in case you are interested to know more about the Dubai Aquarium, please see this link -

Still it would have been much better to see these beautiful marine creatures in their natural habitat, but probably we all need to have them in our cities for us to marvel on God's creations.

After the sight seeing outside Dubai Aquarium, we went to see the awesome Fountain Show. Just love watching it everytime, the sounds, the lights and the dancing water fountain.

After the breathtaking Fountain show, we got really tired and hungry so we had our dinner at T.G.I.F. I have always wanted to have taste buds experience the mouthwatering steak at TGIF but I did had the means before. So I suggested to have our dinner at this restaurant and my wish came true.

After the sumptuous meal, we just walked around Dubai Mall, had our last top at the loo then went on our way home.

I had fun that day... not just because of the food but importantly spending the day with friends who are always there to brighten my day.

Thank you to all my friends who always make my life here in UAE easier to bear.


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  1. wow! what a day! :)

    I hope to join with you guys next time.. ^_^