Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Thoughts on this Week

Another challenging work week here in Abu Dhabi. But I thank God for the time and strenght to be able to accomplish things that needs to be done, it might be just small accomplishments but I did put effort and energy into it.

I'm usually passionate with my work or any activity that would bring out the best in me. Sometimes, I get easily be disheartened. Rechecking my goals, my plans, my strengths and my weaknesses. I greatly fear failure so there are times that I am paralyzed by it. Instead of taking risks, I'd rather not do anything.

But life is full of choices. If I remain complacent and always be fearful of the unknown, I will not be able to reach my goals. I do get affected by other people's opinions, but I am a bit choosy now on who's opinions or criticism's I listen to.

Yes, I do listen to criticisms. Sometimes, I'm affected by it. There are instances I shrug it off, especially those that are totally untrue and nonsense. One would probably say, it's nothing. But in reality, people's comments on you is everything.

In the past few months, I have learned to choose which criticism would help me most and which are just been commented on out of frustration, or arrogance.  I have decided to work on the weaknesses other people sees in me instead of being defensive. I have to admit, I still falter and make a list of complains. But each day, I remind myself to be appreciative of the good things and the bad situations. Every problem has a solution and if it's unresolvable, then better not think of it at all.

It has always been my belief that people would have opinions of you whether you do something right or not. (It's probably in our nature, but hope I'm wrong. I do not have any factual basis on it anyway.) So you cannot always live by their standards. You should live in the standards of your Creator.  

I am not perfect but will always strive for perfection, better yet for excellence. I may just do my job because I'm being paid to do it. But I will try to be committed to doing my work because I want to step up and improve myself to every failure I encounter.

It is just recently that I have stopped comparing myself with others. I am what I am, I am not this person nor that person. So I had peace with myself, striving to be better, to beat my old self. I try to find inspiration from my surroundings, to learn from others and to explore further my abilities - discovered that I'm somehow interested in writing (thank you for the friend who introduced me to blogging - Ivs).

My thoughts are still disorganized but if I continue writing, putting my thoughts into words, I will certainly improve on it (and would definitely strive and hope for).


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